The seeds of the mind that will change today



 Seeds with Heart of a Wonderful Day

"UTATANE" is a jewelry created based on the concept of "Seeds of Heart for a Wonderful Day".

We believe that every day can change with just one feeling. Even if the world does not change, "your world" will change.

Feel and live in this beautiful day.

On the day you wear the "UTATANE", cast a spell on yourself to do so.

𖤣𖥧𖧧𖥣𖥧𖥧𖦥┈Each UTATANE is one of a kind┈. 𖦥𖥧𖥣𖥣𖧧𖥧𖤣

We hope that your unique UTATANE will be the beginning of wonderful days blooming. Please find your own u for your daily good luck charm.


Brand Story


Try to look at it in a different way

Change the way you perceive the world. We believe that this is the easiest "way to change the world" that you can do right now, even by yourself.

There are many things that happen in life. No matter what happens in life, if we can keep our eyes on the "little wonderful things" around us, we will feel a little more positive about the world.


Nice things to have around.

Where can you find "something wonderful"? Surprisingly, it can be found right around the corner from you.

When you look up at the sky, you may see a beautiful blue color. When you breathe in, you may see a distant landscape with a scent carried by the wind.

If you look into the puddle of water at your feet, the usual city may seem mysterious. Flowers that were buds yesterday may be in bloom today.

If you look closely, you will see that the world is filled with a variety of colors. There are scents, sounds, and dazzling lights. We can see, hear, and speak. I believe that there is something hidden in these ordinary things in our daily lives that moves our hearts.



 Seeds of Poetry Overflow Every Day

Even in the midst of a normal day, when you stop to look around, you will encounter many beautiful things.

The beauty scattered in each day is like a tiny seed that shakes your heart.

Poetry is the movement of the heart. It is like a ripple in your heart. Even if you are not a poet, even if you cannot express yourself well, the essence of a poem is what your heart is feeling before it becomes words.



The seeds of poetry are found in our ordinary days. In our busy lives, we often pass them by without noticing. But when we find and touch the seeds of poetry, our hearts are filled with them.

And that day will be a little more wonderful than usual. That's how I feel.



Tiny poetic seeds that make today wonderful. Live with the feeling of today's beautiful day, sprinkled with the seeds of poetry. It is the most immediate magic of happiness.

We hope that they will become the seeds of your heart to feel and live the beautiful today. That is how "UTATANE" was born.

Aiming to be the only seed that shines brightly, like a fleeting dream you have while dozing off. We deliver them one by one with all our hearts. 


Production Works


How the "UTATANE" is created

All "UTATANE" jewelry is handmade by the artist. We do not decide on the design in advance. Each piece is improvised and created as if it were a drawing. No two pieces are exactly alike. They are all one-of-a-kind.

I use mainly white porcelain from Seto, with other clays depending on the piece. I then colour them using Kutani overglaze paints and gold paint.

During the production process, the pieces are fired in the kiln several times at different temperatures. Each piece is fired at a high temperature of approximately 800 to 1,200 degrees Celsius. It takes time to slowly raise the temperature and reach a temperature at which they can be removed from the kiln. This process is repeated, and after a long period of time, the "poetic seed" is completed.



Ceramic seems to be a hard and brittle material.

If dropped or subjected to force, it will crack or chip. For this reason, most ceramics are made in simple forms. The ceramic earrings and brooches you have seen in the past are probably like that, too.

However, there are many other attractive features of ceramics. "UTATANE" is designed to be decorative, delicate, and artistic. The clay is then adjusted to increase the strength of the piece, and finally, the backside is reinforced.

After many bucketfuls of prototypes, the current "UTATANE" was created. Even now, only a few of them are available in the store due to their delicacy.

We would be happy if you could incorporate your own "UTATANE" into your daily life.





 The logo was designed by myself.

Day and night are connected to form a day. The 12 months become a year, and the years that join together become "life".

Therefore, I hope that today will be a wonderful day for you. That is my wish for you today.